Shaman – Call of the Elements


I personally really love shamans. They are a lot of fun, can do a lot of damage, and are just plain epic in the lore of the game. Thrall (pictured above) is a fan favorite of Horde Warchiefs. Unfortunately he no longer holds that role, but many Horde players wish he would return. So pick up your totems, call out your ancestors and get ready for a thunderstorm. (Shaman joke…you’ll get it later)

Class Information

All information is obtained from
Class : Shaman
Available Races : [A] Dwarf, Daenei | [H] Tauren, Troll, Orc, Goblin | [N] Pandaren
Role : Melee DPS, Ranged DPS, Healer
Specializations : Enhancement (Melee), Elemental (Ranged), Restoration (Healer)
Gear Type : Agility Mail (Enhance) & Intellect Mail (Ele & Resto)
Resources : Mana
Useable Weapons : Dagger, Fist Weapon, One-handed & Two-handed Mace, Axe and Staff


Levelling Speed : 8/10
Survivability : 8/10
Gameplay : 8/10
Utility : 8/10
Soloing Capability : 8/10
Transmog Options : 9/10
Overall : 8/10


Shamans are pretty awesome. They are extremely powerful even at low gear levels. Elemental AoE (Area of Effect) abilities…well…ability…has made many other classes jealous. They get to spam one button, look like a Sith Lord, and watch everything die. What better reason could you need to play a shaman?

Here is a fun fact! Shamans were originally a Horde-only class, but in the Burning Crusade Expansion of 2007, Blizzard decided to grant the Alliance access to shamans, and in return the Horde was granted access to Paladins.

 Leveling Speed

Shamans level pretty quickly. If you haven’t noticed a theme in my blogs by now, I like healers….a lot. So naturally I leveled my shamans as healers for the instant dungeon ques. Fortunately while leveling, if you pick elemental and restoration as your two specializations, your gear is identical and you can que as a healer and then go back to dps for your quests! Pretty awesome.


Shamans have a unique ability to self-heal….ok so it’s not THAT unique, but it certainly does make hunters jealous! Despite the specialization you choose with a shaman, you will always have access to Chain Heal, Healing Surge, Healing Stream Totem, Healing Tide Totem and Healing Rain. That is a lot of heals to keep you alive during your adventures through Azeroth! Here’s what a healing rain looks like if you’re interested! If you thought that was awesome, check out these 5 shamans playing with Chain Heal.

healing rain chain heal


Experiencing the game as a shaman is..well…hard to put into words. Depending on what spec you choose, your life will be very different. If you want to PvP, remember the saying “if it’s blue it’s glue.” To clarify, the ‘class color’ for a shaman is blue. You will be treated like glue in PvP meaning people will try to kill you first.They just feel threatened! But it’s mostly because of all those lovely healing abilities I just mentioned. Not only are they a big deal on keeping you alive, but even if you are a DPS shaman, they can keep your friends alive as well.

Oh yeah….with Chain Lightning you can be a sith lord. Pretty neat huh?

chain lightning

Totems. Oh totems. They are so fun. You can summon two different types of elementals (which are also bound to a…you guessed it! TOTEM!). Here is a picture of the beloved Fire and Earth elementals that you can summon to fight FOR you. Wooo! Less work to do right? WRONG. This image is deceiving. A shaman can no longer summon more than one elemental at a time. Sadly totems are considered a cooldown, so you can only summon them twice every 5 minutes, with a 60 second delay between the two. Bummer I know, but they will charge into battle fearlessly defending your honor! For those of you that are interested, Call of the Elements is a shaman talent that instantly resets the cooldowns on all totems.



All jokes aside, Shaman totems are extremely over powered. Here is a complete list of shaman totems and what they do. There are so many, that I would only suggest reading up on them if you are truly interested!

Other than the shaman totems being their utility, the biggest reason (let’s not lie pretty much the only reason) we want shamans around is for BLOODLUST…..or as the alliance call it “Heroism.” But since I am an avid Horde player, let’s go with the clearly more awesome name, Bloodlust. For those of you who are just like “omg another link to click” I’ll summarize what it says. Bloodlust is a buff that increases melee, ranged and spell haste by 30% for all party and raid members for 40 seconds. Bloodlust and Heroism are identical except for the names. You even get a nifty evil totem face over your head when it’s activated. Here check it out:


Soloing Capability

From the admittedly very little soloing I have done as a shaman, they seem to do alright. Since I am not very well versed in this field I provide you with a super awesome video of someone else doing the work for me. Make your own opinions on if you think a shaman can solo neat stuff.

Here is a video of an Elemental Shaman soloing 25 man heroic Lich King.

Transmog Options

I personally love shaman transmog. You get to look like a demented evil witch doctor. Pretty neat stuff right? Also the Mists of Pandaria challenge mode set lets you strap massive fire totems to your shoulders. That’s worth making a shaman all on its own, not to mention the fact that Siege of Orgrimmar has an EXCLUSIVE shaman transmog set available within the instance.

tier13 korkronshammy challengemodesham


All in all, I love shamans. They are so badass. You get to look like an evil witch doctor, use chain lightning to be a Sith lord, and be the first target in PvP. But in all seriousness, Shamans are an amazing class if one takes the time to master them. They are extremely rewarding and even more fun to play. So go get your level 90 shaman today!


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