Druid – Heart of the Wild


Well since we have now covered Paladins, Hunters, Priests and Warlocks, up next we have Druids! Druids are awesome because of how versatile they are. They literally offer every role packaged into one class. Druids are one of my favorites because of their unique healing style, their play style options and simply how much fun they are!

Class Information

All information is obtained from WoWPedia.org
Class : Druid
Available Races : [A] Night Elf, Worgen | [H] Tauren, Troll
Role : Tank, Melee DPS, Healer, Ranged DPS
Specializations : Guardian (Tank), Feral (Melee), Restoration (Healer), Balance (Ranged)
Gear Type : Agility Leather (Guardian & Feral), Intellect Leather (Balance & Restoration)
Resources : Rage (Guardian), Energy (Feral), Mana (Restoration & Balance)
Alternate Resources : Combo Points (Feral), Lunar/Solar Eclipse (Balance)
Useable Weapons : Staff, Dagger, One-Handed Mace, Two-Handed Mace, Fist Weapon, Polearm


Levelling Speed : 7/10
Survivability : 7/10
Gameplay : 9/10
Utility : 9/10
Soloing Capability : 9/10
Transmog Options : 9/10
Overall : 8/10


Druids offer a lot of unique abilities such as shapeshifting. Druids can take on up to seven different appearances. To learn more about druid shapeshifting be sure to check out the WoWPedia article for druids.

Leveling Speed

Because Druids can literally fit every single role in the game, they are often considered to be one of the fastest to level. I actually disagree with that. My experience with Druids has always been with Balance or Resto, which is just painfully slow. I have leveled once as a Bear (Guardian) but as with paladins, the tank spec is only good until roughly level 70. Kitty (feral) is also very squishy. They cannot take many hits and when they do take damage, it is a lot of damage. I struggled to find a comfortable leveling pace with a Druid simply because of their inability to take much damage.

A common joke in the Vanilla and Burning Crusade eras

A common joke in the Vanilla and Burning Crusade eras


As I previously mentioned, Druids take a lot of damage. The resto/balance group can typically take even less damage than feral/bear. I personally think that because bear/feral falls into a melee classification, that they are given a little bit more armor or stamina or something. I’m not 100% on that one so don’t quote me, it’s just an experience opinion. As for being able to quest on my own as a Druid, balance was atrociously difficult. It was a mentally scarring experience that I would not wish upon my enemies. My second level 90 druid was leveled as Guardian. This process was painfully slow, but I did not take enough damage to make it as mentally taxing as balance was.


I have only personally spent a lot of time with Balance and Restoration with druids. I am not fond of feral, but I am also not a huge melee DPS fan. I did not really like Bear, but I think that’s more because I am just plain tired of tanking. It’s all I’ve been doing lately and having yet another tank was just not appealing to me. My favorite is Restoration because they have a very unique style of healing called Heals over Time (HoTs). Instead of direct healing where you cast a spell and bam, your target is instantly healed for x amount, Druids cast a spell and it takes about 10-15 seconds for their target to receive all of the heal.

Here is a photo of the cosmetic “Tree Form” for restoration druids. This cosmetic form used to be functional in that if the druid was in this form, he or she would do increased healing to their targets. However, Blizzard decided to put a cooldown on the increased healing, but allowed Druids to keep this form just to feel pretty. Also I have included an image of what the new “tree form” cooldown looks like. I think they look more like a piece of broccoli than they do a tree.

Old TreeNew Tree

As I said I personally do not know much about the other three spec’s for Druids, but if you are interested in finding out more about the other specs and how other people enjoy them, feel free to meander on over to The Fluid Druid blog!


Druids have an awesomely unique ability called Symbiosis. Symbiosis is a neat ability that when cast on a friendly target, gives the Druid a class-specific ability from the class they cast it on. The person receiving the Symbiosis also receives a Druid ability. The link mentioned earlier will tell you all the awesome abilities that druids give and receive with other classes.

Other than Symbiosis, Druids have a lot of great abilities that are a mixture of their own utility as well as group-wide utility. I won’t get too far into that as there are just soooooo many awesome druid abilities, but you can read up about them here!

Soloing Capability

I personally don’t like Druid soloing, but as I said previously I only really like Restoration Druids. Resto has very little soloing capabilities, so I have never really tried to solo anything on my Druids. But there is exciting news! There are druids that can solo encounters that I wouldn’t dare touch. Here’s a video of a kitty (feral) Druid soloing a boss in Firelands.

Also should mention the song in this video is one of my favorites from Two Steps from Hell

Transmog Options

I actually really enjoy a lot of the Druid Transmogs available in the game. My absolute personal favorite is the one offered in Mists of Pandria Challenge Modes, which are incredibly difficult to obtain. My own druid is only done with 5 out of the 9 timed challenges required to get the set. Maybe by the time you read this I can share a photo of my druid wearing it.

druid CM set

As for other Druid transmogs, they mostly seem to like making druids look like trees. Which is fitting for restoration, but if you are a cat or bear druid that wants to look deadly awesome, well……you’re out of luck unless you go steal some rogue look-alike sets.

mog1 mog2 mog3


Overall I really do enjoy druids. I wish I had the energy to collect another set of gear to try out Bear or Kitty druid playstyles. I am quite content with restoration, because if it is played properly it can be extremely powerful. I guess the only way to find out what type of Druid you like is to try them all out! Let me know which one is your favorite and why in the comments below!


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