Warlock – Curse of the Elements


There is so much to be said about Warlocks. For the longest time they used to be one of the most difficult classes to play. Recently they have become easier and more appealing to the majority of the player base. Warlocks are without a doubt one of my most favorite classes to play in both PvP and PvE.

Class Information

Class : Warlock
Available Races : [A] Gnome, Human, Worgen, Dwarf | [H] Blood Elf, Undead, Goblin, Orc, Troll
Role : Ranged DPS
Specializations : Demonology, Affliction, Destruction
Gear Type : Intellect Cloth
Resources : Mana
Alternate Resources : Demonic Fury (Demonology), Burning Embers (Destruction), Soulshard (Affliction)
Useable Weapons : Staff, Dagger, Wand, One-Hand Sword


Levelling Speed : 9/10
Survivability  : 10/10
Gameplay : 8/10
Utility : 9/10
Soloing Capability : 10/10
Transmog Options : 8/10
Overall : 9/10


Warlocks are another Ranged DPS. As I’m sure you can tell by my posts thus far, I excel at ranged and I enjoy classes that play at range more than melee.  Warlocks, in general, offer a lot of raid-wide utility as well as several damage reduction cooldowns.

Leveling Speed

Leveling a warlock is very similar to leveling a hunter. You can use a pet (called minions) to take all the damage for you or deal extra damage. I personally prefer using a DPS pet over a tank pet because warlocks do not take a lot of damage. You can learn more about warlock pets at ElitistJerks.com

In general, leveling a warlock is a fairly speedy process if you quest and que for dungeons at the same time. The dungeons will provide a break from the questing, but you will still gain the most experience from quests. Warlocks also do a LOT of damage, even at low levels. I personally prefer leveling as Demonology to 85, then switching to Destruction for 85-90. Affliction is not really a favorable option to level with due to the amount of haste needed to do decent damage.

For a leveling guide for Warlocks for 85-90, be sure to check out Icy-Veins.com


Warlocks have a lot of personal survivability cooldowns that I am particularly fond of.  They have Soulshatter, Unending Resolve, Dark Regeneration, Sacrificial Pact, Dark Bargain and healthstones. Oh! And Destruction also gets Ember Tap. For a detailed explanation of what each ability does click here. From my experience, warlocks take very little damage in comparison to cloth wearing counterparts. They are definitely cannons, but not as much of a glass cannon as say a Mage would be.


Warlocks are incredibly fun to play. You can either have a minion summoned to aid you, or you can sacrifice it for a damage increase for just yourself.  If you choose to play Affliction, you can blanket all of your enemies with damage over time spells, also referred to as DoT’s. These DoTs or curses do an incredible amount of damage, but are very annoying to keep up on multiple enemies at once. I am personally not very good at multi-dotting (the act of putting DoT’s on multiple targets). Because of that I choose to play Destruction, which has a basic rotation with a TON of damage output if played correctly. It’s always fun to see a 1.5 million Chaos Bolt critical strike.

Below is what a Chaos Bolt looks like!



Warlock pets in general are pretty awesome. You have the Imp who likes to throw fire at your enemies, the Voidlord that can tank, the Fel hunter that can silence your enemies, the Observer who licks your enemies to death, the Succubus who charms and sleeps your enemies so they stop attacking you and if you choose to play Demonology, you get the Wrathguard. Warlocks also have the option to summon an Infernal or Doomguard every 10 minutes to help.

Warlocks also provide raid-wide utility with the conjuring of Healthstones. Healthstones grant 20% of the user’s health back instantly with a 2 minute cooldown. You can carry up to 3 charges of 1 healthstone. Everyone in the group can use these, and they are primarily what makes a warlock a necessity when raiding. Warlocks also offer a teleportation device for both themselves and the entire group.

Here is an image of the Soulwell, the item that warlocks summon to grant healthstones to their party members.


Warlocks are also able to create summoning stones, which allow players in a group who are not currently present to be brought to the warlock’s location. This ability requires 3 people to create the stone and 2 to summon.

For more information on Warlock Utility, check out WoWPedia.com

Soloing Capability

Because Warlocks have a tank pet, like hunters do, their soloing capabilities are equal to that of a hunter. Warlocks produce a very high amount of damage, take very little damage, have a lot of self healing, and a pet that can take the damage for them. Warlocks are one of the few classes that are able to solo content that most classes cannot at the time. They are usually the first ones to figure out how to solo things.

For example, the Immerseus fight in Siege of Orgrimmar is considered to be current content, meaning this is the instance that most players are currently working on and gearing for. Here is a video of  a Warlock soloing this encounter.

 Transmog Options

Warlocks have some of the creepiest looking transmog in the game. You will either end up looking like a demon or you’ll be a grave or crypt robber. To be honest it’s pretty sick. I love warlock transmog. Here’s some examples of my favorite tier set’s that a lot of warlocks choose to use. For more Warlock transmog options, be sure to check out





I think it’s safe to say that overall, warlocks are one of my favorite classes to play because of their transmog options, ability to survive almost anything, and because I mean come on. How awesome is it that you can summon demons and look like a badass and do a lot of damage? Not to mention all the great utility they offer. So if you’re up for the challenge of mastering a warlock and collecting all the spiffy demon-y transmog gear, I’d suggest you go for it!



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